My name is Allen Westerfield and I am the owner of Share the Lax, which is a charity organization operating in various cities around the U.S. that collects and distributes gently used lacrosse equipment. There are many kids who would love to play the sport but don't have the equipment, and that's where Share the Lax can help.

In addition to equipment distribution, Share the Lax offers clinics at charities, such as the Salvation Army, as well as field clinics, all of which are 100% funded by Share the Lax to teach kids the rules of the game and stick skills.

Lacrosse is a growing sport, and the more kids we can get to play it, the bigger and better the lacrosse community will be.




How you

can help

There are two ways you can help grow the lacrosse community in the region. You can donate money directly to Share the Lax and the money will be used to fund the clinics and purchase gear. The second way you can contribute is by contacting Share the Lax directly and donating your own equipment.

In addition to your generous equipment donations, feel free to use PayPal or your credit card for monetary donations. 100% of your donations are used for charity. I personally pay for 100% of administrative expenses.

a 501(c)(3) charitable organization

grow the game   
  • empower the player

These are some of the fun clinics Share the Lax offers. All of the clinics are coached and run by high school varsity athletes, so the kids are getting taught by some of the best players in the area. This gives the kids an opportunity to work on their skills or learn a brand new sport, all funded by Share the Lax.


Share the Lax has recently contributed to a program in West End Louisville run by Bellarmine University players. The program aims to bring lacrosse to public school P.E. classes throughout the West End in Lousiville, KY. Share the Lax provided all the equipment and made this amazing initiative possible.


These are some pictures from the P.E. classes!


Share the Lax is proud to have supported Lexington Traditional Magnet School by providing equipment to get their new lacrosse program running. Share the Lax provided a large number of helmets and pads so the school could give new players the opportunity to join the team.  


Later this fall, Share the Lax plans to give LTMS a set of new helmets and pads for this upcoming season.


Share the Lax had the great opportunity to put on a fun clinic at the Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club. For many of

the kids, this was their first exposure to playing lacrosse.


Ethan Penn and Allen Westerfield ran fun drills to show them the basics of the sport, with a fun scrimmage at the end of the session!

All of the equipment was provided by Share the Lax and supported by your donations.



If you have equipment you would like to donate to or just questions about the organization, you can contact Share the Lax here



grow the game   
  • empower the player