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Who we are

My name is Allen Westerfield, and I am the founder and CEO of Share the Lax, a charity organization operating in central Kentucky and the surrounding region focused on providing lacrosse equipment to schools and players in need.

I played lacrosse for 8 years, starting in the 4th grade and through my senior year at Lexington Catholic. Lacrosse was one of the most meaningful aspects of my childhood, teaching me many great lessons and providing an avenue for my development of lifelong skills. Through Share the Lax, I hope to support and empower players, so they have the opportunity to play lacrosse, just as I did.

What we do

Share the Lax supports lacrosse players in a variety of ways.

We collect and redistribute used lacrosse equipment to schools and players. Once a player is no longer playing lacrosse, their equipment typically goes unused. Share the Lax collects that equipment then redistributes it to schools and players who need it.

Share the Lax also raises money through fundraisers and campaigns to provide teams and coaches the funds to purchase equipment directly. Whether a player needs a new helmet, or a team needs a goal for practices, Share the Lax makes that possible.

Finally, Share the Lax raises awareness of lacrosse through clinics, both indoor and outdoor. Lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport, which means that many young athletes have never played. Through these clinics, Share the Lax can introduce the sport of lacrosse to new players, expanding the footprint of the lacrosse community.

How you can help

There are two ways you can help grow the lacrosse community. You can donate used equipment, or you can donate directly via PayPal.

To make a donation through PayPal, feel free to use the Donate button at the top of the page. If you have any equipment you would like to donate, please use the contact form to coordinate the donation with Allen.

With the help and support from your contributions, Share the Lax has raised over $10,000 dollars to date. With your generous donations, you give Share the Lax the opportunity to grow the game and empower the player! Thank you!